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John Dennis is a Nashville, TN based singer songwriter signed to Rainfeather Records. He has developed his own unique brand of Americana music that, at once, harkens back to some of folk music's greatest lyricists, namely: Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and James Taylor, while also carving out a musical place that is uniquely his own. He will release his third full length record, "Mortal Flames" in January 2020, and, like the two that came before ("Eternity's Tree" and "Second Wind"), it represents a substantial creative work brimming with an extraordinary maturity for a writer still in his twenties-- both in the complexity of his craft and the courageous transparency of his subject matter. By never shying away from revealing his own scars, such as the tragic death of his girlfriend in 2010, his subsequent near fatal struggle with alcoholism, and his road to recovery, Dennis creates a deep human connection with his music and has an uncanny ability to provide an incredible testimony of hope and redemption that can only come from those that have found their way out of life's most tragic and consuming darknesses. His work has been acclaimed by American Songwriter Magazine, The Alternate Root, and many others. For an artist who seems to run so deep, and whose authenticity plants him so firmly on the ground, the sky seems to be the limit for John Dennis. 

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